The Cashout App that Beats Dave and Earnin

Jasmine from Team Brigit

January 3, 2019

We’ve all gone through it. You have 10 days until payday but your rent is due. You’ve texted way too many friends and your phone bill knows it. And your Chihuahua is binge eating like a 60-pound Labrador Retriever and doesn’t understand the concept of a budget.

To many of us, it’s no secret that getting by until payday can be tough. When you live paycheck to paycheck, making ends meet is always top of mind. With little or no savings, you often find that handling an emergency expense can be nerve racking.

At Brigit, we believe that no one should be living their life worrying about running out of cash before their next paycheck clears. We built a cashout app that gets you the money you need exactly when you need it. No interest or hidden fees period.

Using just your email, phone, and bank credentials, (no credit score required), the Brigit cash advance app helps you avoid overdrawing your account by sending you up to $250 before your balance runs out. If you need money for an emergency, you can always request to cash out in the app too.


So.. what’s the catch?

A big question we get asked is what makes Brigit different from other paycheck advance apps and overdraft advance apps like Dave and Earnin. For one thing, we are realists. We know that cashing out  $20-$50 isn’t really going to get your car fixed or your medical expenses covered. And to be brutally honest, sometimes you just can’t make it to work and clock in hours, but that doesn’t mean that your aren’t running short and need a little extra to get by.  

Unlike Earnin, Brigit doesn’t require you to go to work to get paid. It simply connects to your bank to send you a customized amount of up to $250 to cover those monthly expenses and doesn’t charge any tips or like dave, transfer fees for it. With Brigit’s flat $9.99 a month membership, you get the flexibility of delivery and repayment that you need, so that no matter the situation, you rest easy knowing you are always covered.

Here are a few other ways Brigit cashout app compares:


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