Are Cash Advance Apps like Brigit right for you?

Amber from Team Brigit

Let this be your guide to know if you need a cash advance like Brigit. Repeat after me, “I will not pay my bank an overdraft fee.”  Again! “I will not pay my bank an overdraft fee.” Take a look in the mirror and keep saying it if necessary. This can be your new mantra. The power of manifestation can be very real!

Banks are raking in millions

Seriously though, banks make more than enough money and we do not need to give them any more than we already do. There is absolutely no reason to pay an overdraft fee when there are so many cash advance apps available for your convenience. In most cases, it is a far better financial decision to pay a small fee to borrow a small sum of money before your payday and then pay it right back. Of course, how much you spend vs. earn and your budgeting habits also matter as well.

In this day and age, it is very important to not live beyond your means. Unfortunately, most Americans have more debt than savings and many live paycheck to paycheck. We must do everything we can to combat becoming a part of this statistic.


Ultimately, the best idea is to invest in a financial advisor. Many people do not believe they can afford one or need one, but I am a true believer that everyone should have one or at least want one. It is not necessary to have at your finances alone! Professional help can never hurt. If that’s not a realistic option for you, please meet my dear old friends Nerd Wallet and Credit Karma. You may have heard of them, they offer great advice on an array of personal finance topics!

In the interim, cash advance apps can be a great stepping stone to hold you over until the calm after the storm. In addition, they typically do not check your credit score. We definitely don’t here at Brigit!

Do you need a tool like cash advance apps?

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you take the time to download cash advance apps like Brigit:

1) Do you find yourself overdrafting on small expenses like a cup of coffee right before you are paid?

2) Do you wish you just made slightly more on your direct deposit to cover those last-minute expenses?

3) Do you mind paying a small fee to utilize cash advance apps?

4) Will this be a temporary or permanent solution for you?

5) Is it a small sum of money, take $100 for example, that will help you? Or are you thousands of dollars in debt?

Depending on how you answered, cash advance apps may be right for you! Ideally, I think it is best to just use one (Brigit, of course!) and go from there. If your finances are a bit harder to tackle, then perhaps you need a personal loan, debt consolidation, a refinance loan, etc. Professional guidance is a must.

The most important takeaway is that every financial decision matters, no matter how small!

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