“Brigit Saved My Job”

At Brigit, we feel very fortunate to work with real people. We provide them with relief at their critical point of need. Brigit helps people cover immediate financial needs and provides them with a safety net of cash to fall back on. We are motivated to provide relief to our customers today and moving forward. It is incredibly humbling for us to hear the very real stories and feedback from our customers.

Brentt is one such customer we’ve worked with, who shared with us a powerful example of how a little financial help can go a long way. When Brentt’s car broke down and he needed funds to buy a car, Brentt found himself in a bind. If he didn’t buy a car fast he was going to lose his job. Brigit was able to get him a $250 cash advance so he could buy a car, and since then we’ve been helping him manage his account. We’ve been proactively sending him funds, so that he is ready the next time he has an emergency.

“Without getting a car soon, I was going to lose my job. Luckily, we found Brigit” – Brentt

Brentt’s Story:

After getting out of the Marine Corps, I started a full-time job as a maintenance planner for a global refractory in Columbus, Ohio. My company makes parts for induction furnaces. My work day starts early at 6:00 AM and runs through 4:00 PM. Over the last few years, I have taken on more responsibility at work and am now at a supervisory role. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog at our home in Delaware, Ohio.

Brennt Light

How has Brigit helped you?

Brigit saved my job. My wife and I have two cars, and one was done for. The cost of repair was pointless because the amount of money could just buy us a new car. Our paychecks were still a few days away so we were in a bind. Without getting a car soon, I was going to lose my job. Luckily, we found the Brigit app and we received an advance for $250. With help from Brigit’s money, we were able to purchase a $500 car with 140K miles on it, and we were able to keep our jobs.

Since then, Brigit, has been helping me manage my account and sending me money, which especially helps me in the last 2-3 days before my paycheck when I need the cushion. It’s a major relief to know that Brigit has and will continue to be there for me when I need them.

What does financial stability mean to you?

I feel stable when I know I can make it to my next payday without having to worry. Have you ever gone to the grocery store just to buy trash bags, detergent, and razors and found yourself spending $60? Financial stability is not having to stress about paying for the necessities.

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